Why does a water ionizer create two streams of water?

Water ionizers usually generate two types of water: 'alkaline ionized water' and 'acidic water.' 

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Water ionizers create two streams of water as a result of their operation and the ionization process. A water ionizer is a device that is used to alkalize water by raising its pH level and adding negative ions (such as hydroxide ions) to the water. It does this through a process called electrolysis, which involves passing an electric current through the water.

The two streams of water produced by a water ionizer are typically referred to as "alkaline ionized water" and "acidic water."

The Ionization Process

The water ionizer separates the incoming tap water into two components: positively charged ions (such as minerals naturally found in water) and negatively charged ions (hydroxide ions).

Alkaline Water

The stream of water that contains negatively charged ions is alkaline water. This water has an increased pH and antioxidant properties due to the presence of Molecular Hydrogen.

Acidic Water

On the other side, the positively charged ions are directed into a separate stream, forming the acidic water. This water is often used for external purposes, such as cleaning or disinfecting, as it has a lower pH.

The division of the water into these two streams is achieved using specialized plates inside the water ionizer that are made of materials like platinum and titanium. When the electric current passes over these plates, the electrolysis process takes place, leading to the separation of ions and the creation of an alkaline water stream and an acidic water stream.

For the water ionizer to work correctly, both streams of water must pass through the machine and be released. If only one stream of water is coming out of the water ionizer, the machine cannot function properly to make the antioxidant-rich, alkaline ionized water. Aqua Ionizer Pro water ionizers create on average a 3:1 ratio of alkalized water to acidic water being dispensed.

Various pH Uses

Alkaline water offers vital antioxidants to combat aging, energizes metabolism, and features micro-clustered molecules for efficient supplement and mineral absorption.

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How Ionizers Work

Water ionizers turn tap water into antioxidant-rich alkaline and acidic waters, each with unique benefits. Using platinum titanium plates, they produce H2-enriched, micro-clustered water for swift absorption.

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Comparing water ionizers involves evaluating plate materials, pH range, and additional features. Find the best blend of technology and value, ensuring optimal hydrogen concentration and health benefits.

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