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What Does an Alkaline Water Machine Do?

A Water Ionizer is a device that transforms tap water into antioxidant rich, clean healthy alkaline drinking water. Water Ionizers create two types of water, alkaline and acidic where each type of water carries different benefits and uses. Water Ionizers use platinum titanium plates and a power supply to produce Alkaline Ionized Water. The dispensed water is packed with antioxidant’s like H2 (Molecular Hydrogen), and feature micro-clustered water for faster absorption. 


A Water Ionizer uses electrolysis to create acidic and alkaline ionized water with a negative ORP packed with H2. 

How Does A Water Ionizer Work?

Source water enters the water ionizer and then through a process of electrolysis the cations and anions are separated into two water streams. pH level, ORP, and settings are controlled with buttons, creating solutions that range from pH 2.7 – 11.5 in our water ionizers. Why an ionizer creates two streams of water.

How Electrodialysis Works

How Does Aqua Ionizer Pro® Compare?

Comparison Chart with ionHealth Pro, Deluxe 9.5, and Kangen
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The Plates

Alkaline Water Ionizers use mesh, solid, and hybrid titanium platinum-coated plates that help deliver pH levels.

Aqua Ionizer Pro® Water Ionizers use a proprietary process of dipping the plates, ensuring a thickness of 1.2-2 microns. This helps prevent plate corrosion and build-up, ensuring your water is safe and contaminant-free.

Solid plates increase the integrity of the plates over time, where mesh or hybrid plates give a deeper negative ORP and higher H2 output. Aqua Ionizer Pro water ionizers use mesh, solid, and hybrid plates depending on the model, and all models we carry have an automatic plate cleaning function which prevents scale buildup, plate damage, and low quality of water. All plates are backed for life under the lifetime warranty.

The Power

Water Ionizers use two different power supplies, SMPS and Transformer. The Transformer gives a more consistent, accurate pH however SMPS is more energy efficient and allows for a greater flow rate. These power supplies are built to last forever, and will not need to be replaced. They are backed for life under the lifetime warranty. Aqua Ionizer Pro offers SMPS and Transformer units depending on your needs. 

The Plastics

Water Ionizer plastics are extremely important to the quality, safety, and life of your Water Ionizer. High-quality plastics are crucial for keeping the water contaminant safe, free of micro plastics or leaching from plastics in higher temperature environments, such as using hot water in your unit.

Aqua Ionizer Pro only uses the finest plastics, which are FDA approved and allow for hot water to be used in your Water Ionizer. This ensures the safety and quality of the water you consume is the best it can be.

The Filters

Entry level, MLM companies, and low-quality ionizers require the use of additives and chemicals in order to work correctly, such as deliver pH, negative ORP and H2. Your water ionizer should not have any electrolysis enhancers, additives, or chemicals to produce your clean healthy drinking water.

Aqua Ionizer Pro’s water ionizers use no additives or chemicals in order to produce pH, negative ORP, and H2. The Water Ionizers are all-natural chemical-free certified medical devices that are backed for life.

The Guarantee

When purchasing a Water Ionizer, cost of ownership and warranty are extremely important components. The customer service, warranty, turnaround time, and support will allow you to buy with confidence.

Aqua Ionizer Pro’s limited lifetime warranty guarantees you a working machine for life. If we cannot fix it, we will replace it forever. Customer support is based in the US, and repairs/issues are handled within 1 business day.