Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee  

Aqua Ionizer Pro’s® Lifetime Limited Warranties – Including Our Unique ‘One-of-a-Kind’ 30-Day Satisfaction 100% Guarantee  

Satisfaction Guarantee Limits: 

Refunds will not be made for any shipping and handling charges and will be deducted from the refund for any refused packages including "Return to Sender". This includes all LTL shipments and parcel (FedEx, UPS, USPS) shipments. Any "free shipping" promotion qualifies as "Free" only if the invoice is paid in full, refusals or returns for refund disqualifies any "Free offers" for either Free shipping or additional Free product. Additional terms apply per our return policy listed below.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:  

Aqua-Ionizer Pro® and its parent company, Real Spirit USA, Inc., offer a Lifetime Limited Lifetime warranty on all its water ionizers to the original consumer purchaser under the following terms and conditions:

Aqua Ionizer Pro®, Aqua Ionizer Deluxe® 5.0 and Deluxe 7.0 models; a) For the first 5 years from the date of original purchase, we warrant the unit to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal operation/ (not including wear and tear use), we will repair or replace any defective part(s) or, at our discretion, replace the entire unit free of charge. b) After the first 5 years, we continue to stand behind your purchase for as long as you own it. Should the unit need to be repaired, we will provide the replacement parts at no charge to you. You will be responsible only for the cost of labor to replace the parts. Third party or reseller purchases are excluded from all warranties. Should the estimated cost to repair the unit exceed 30 percent (30%) of the unit’s original suggested retail price, we will provide you the customer with an entirely new replacement unit of equal or greater original value for 30 percent (30%) of the current suggested retail price. 

VIP Lifetime (NO TIME LIMIT) Warranty:  

By Purchasing the Aqua Ionizer Pro®/Deluxe ®7.5/ 9.0/ 9.5/ ionHealth™ Water Ionizer, your warranty period is extended beyond the ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’ to a ‘No Time Limit Warranty’ on parts and labor or a full unit replacement should your Aqua Ionizer Pro®/Deluxe® 7.5/9.0/9.5 fail at any time now or in the future while in use by the original purchaser.

Whether in the first 5 years or subsequently, upon discovery of a product defect, you should immediately notify Real Spirit USA, Inc via telephone or email the exact problem you are having to the best of your knowledge. If it is determined to need additional diagnostic inspection, then we will provide you a product return authorization and shipping instructions. You should ship or deliver the product to the designated service location, accompanied by your name, address and telephone number, proof of purchase date and a description of the defect. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the unit to the service facility. Third party or reseller purchases are excluded from all warranties. However, following repair or replacement, Aqua Ionizer Pro will cover the cost of shipping the unit back to the consumer within the continental United States. Customers outside the continental United States must also cover the cost of return shipping following repair or replacement.

The warranty does NOT cover or include unusual wear, use of 3rd party equipment, damage resulting from accident or unreasonable use, failure to use the correct water supply or follow cleaning procedures as outlined in the owner’s manual, and also does not include replacement filters nor other disposable parts and supplies (Examples are a cracked screen, broken swivel spout, cut power cord etc.). *Unreasonable use also includes using the unit outside of North America and in countries were the voltage may be higher than 110/120 Volts, which is the normal operating range of our products. **Additionally the warranty will become VOID should the case seal be broken and the tamper system activated which shall indicate the unit cabinet was opened for purposes other than authorized by the company. It should be noted that any electronic unit should be serviced only by an authorized service technician duly certified by Real Spirit USA, Inc. All warranties are non-transferable and remain registered to the original purchaser. 

Return Policy

In order to receive a FULL REFUND (excluding rush shipping) you must contact our Sales and Customer Service department and return the items within our 30 Day satisfaction period from date of purchase. You can request a RA# to return all items to Real Spirit USA 320 S Rock blvd Ste 210 Reno NV 89502 within 30 days of ordering your product. Upon receipt of your complete original order you will receive a full refund (minus rush shipping if any, or used consumables such as filters in some cases, please discuss with your customer service specialist for additional details). Note: Outside of this 30 day period some additional reasonable charges may apply. Ultimately, your satisfaction is our goal. 

Water Damage Liability Statement and Waiver

Aqua-Ionizer Pro®/Deluxe or ionHealth™ water ionizers and filters are covered by our limited Lifetime Warranty* Aqua-Ionizer Pro® or its parent company Real Spirit USA, Inc accepts no liability, nor offers any warranty or remedy for damages of any kind in regard to water damage caused or reported to be caused by leaks from hoses, fittings or directly from any of our products.

Further Aqua Ionizer Pro® does not warrant or accept any liability in regard to installing our Ionizer units, hoses, or additional valves or filters. Any such installation is at the sole responsibility of the owner or the third party installer, plumber or contractor.

The customer/ user by purchasing our products accepts full responsibility for insuring that the proper acceptable water pressure is present at the time of installation (as stated in the owner’s manual). Water pressure is controlled by the supplier or the home owner and cannot be controlled or guaranteed by Aqua Ionizer Pro or its affiliates.
All installations should be approved by a nationally recognized P.I.P.E. or other certified contractor. 

-P.I.P.E. is the parent company of the National Inspection Testing and Certification Corporation, known in the industry as National Inspection Testing Certification (NITC).-

Once you have installed your unit, it is recommended that connections and connectors are inspected by the owner on a regular basis. It is also recommended that if you are away from the installation for longer than a 24 hour period that you turn off the water supply to your Water Ionizer system as well as turn off the supply power to your unit.

Basic care and maintenance by the owner/ user of this equipment is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser-owner/ user, as Aqua Ionizer Pro assumes no responsibility for misuse, faulty installation, or variations in water pressure or quality. Other than what is expressed in our products warranty, Aqua Ionizer Pro assumes no additional liability for these foregoing statements or other ‘Acts of God’.

By acceptance of delivery, and the installation the Aqua Ionizer Pro products (filters, ionizers, and accessories) you agree to hold Aqua Ionizer Pro and Real Spirit USA, Inc harmless for any water damage caused by leaking water or for any other reason. 

Public Statement  

Products offered for sale herein are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any specific disease or health condition, any warranties implied or expressed shall strictly pertain to product performance as stated in our product owner/ operator manual, and the ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’, as stated within the terms of our warranty which outlines the limits of our liability.

Product reviews, health testimonials, videos or statements of purported benefits from drinking alkaline ionized water made by individual users expressed on this website are solely the opinion and statements of those individuals and as such have been freely made by those individuals and do not represent a researched, verified or informed opinion by the company.

Any statements regarding our products on this web site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the AMA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Please be advised when contacting Aqua Ionizer Pro or Real Spirit USA either by telephone, chat, email, or other means, we are informing you that the representative you are speaking with may not be a licensed medical professional. Therefore, please be notified, that Aqua Ionizer Pro or Real Spirit USA does not provide medical advice or make direct or indirect claims for any cure of any medical condition that is unknown, or made known to our company or representatives, either by phone or written communication. We highly recommend that you speak with your licensed health care professional, or medical doctor before beginning any diet modification or exercise program. If you are currently taking medication and are concerned about the use of ionized, filtered water, please consult your physician. If you believe you already have some form of medical condition (prior to purchasing our products) and you are not under the care of a physician, then it is understood by you and acknowledged by you when you purchase our products that any information on our website or found in our company or product printed materials shall not be used by you as a self-diagnosis tool or health guide in order obtain a specific health outcome, nor is there any implied offer or guarantee of a curative result and as such, you acknowledge and understand that Aqua Ionizer Pro and Real Spirit USA are hereby released by you of any and all liability. Our staff will not provide health advice or medical consultation. Your purchase contract is your full acknowledgment of this statement. 

PFAS Statement

What are PFAS?
PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals that cause adverse human health effects and contaminate water supplies. PFOA and PFOS have been used widely in the manufacturing of many industrial and consumer products such as fire-fighting foams, stain repellents, nonstick cookware, waterproof clothing and shoes, fast food wrappers, personal care products, and many other consumer goods.

To make matters worse, PFAS are stubborn chemicals; rather than degrading, they accumulate within the environment over time. PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) are the two most commonly produced PFAS worldwide.

Water Filtration Technologies that Remove PFAS
PFOS and PFOA resist most conventional chemical and microbial treatment systems. The strongest proven technologies to filter PFAS out of drinking water include granular activated carbon material for absorption, ion exchange resins as used in ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis pre-treatment (if available).

The Aqua Ionizer Pro external filters, KB-01, KB-02, and the internal GAC (granulated activated charcoal) used in all of our Ionizers are one of the most effective means to combat PFAS. In our external-dual filtration systems and our internal Ion Health individual Ionizer filters are effective in removing PFOA and PFOS from your drinking water.

The EPA has established water advisories for the combined concentration of PFOS and PFOA to be .07 micrograms per liter. According to SGS test results our high-capacity GAC filters listed above exceed the NSF International P473 standard for reducing PFOA and PFOS.

Remember- The more often you change your filters the more peace of mind you will have regarding common pollutants that are found in today’s water supply.