Refund & Return Information

Aqua Ionizer Pro’s Lifetime Limited Warranties – Including Our Unique ‘One-of-a-Kind’ 30-Day Satisfaction 100% Guarantee  

Return Policy  

In order to receive a FULL REFUND (excluding rush shipping) you must contact our Sales and Customer Service department and return the items within our 30 Day satisfaction period from date of purchase. You can request a RA# to return all items to Real Spirit USA 320 S Rock blvd Ste 210 Reno NV 89502 within 30 days of ordering your product. Upon receipt of your complete original order you will receive a full refund (minus rush shipping if any, or used consumables such as filters in some cases, please discuss with your customer service specialist for additional details). Note: Outside of this 30 day period some additional reasonable charges may apply. Ultimately, your satisfaction is our goal.