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Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

What Is ORP and Why Is It Important

What Is Micro Clustered Water

What is Alkaline Water?

What's the difference between Alkaline Water and Ionized Alkaline Water?

Water that has a pH higher than 7.0 is considered Alkaline Water. Minerals, such as baking soda, or other chemicals can be added to water to alter the water’s pH. This process is often confused as meaning Ionized Alkaline Water; however, they are entirely different.

Alkaline Water Ionizers are what create the Ionized Alkaline Water that we’ve come to enjoy. Ionized Alkaline Water is created during the electrolysis process, which gets rid of the low-quality water rather than altering it. 

Quick Answer: Water that has a pH higher than 7.0 is Alkaline Water. Generally, this is created with chemicals, minerals and buffers, which lack the antioxidants needed to truly heal. 

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Is your drinking water healthy?

Here’s why Ionized Alkaline water is better than Bottled Alkaline Water

Alkaline Ionized Water (from a water ionizer machine) and Bottled Water are different because:  

  • Additives, Chemicals, and pH buffers are often used to create a positive ORP Value. By creating Alkaline drinking water with our Water Ionizers, you’ll be drinking chemical free, natural water  
  • With ZERO antioxidant value and a positive ORP value, Bottled Water lacks any molecular hydrogen.  
  • Ranging from $2 to $5 per liter, bottled water is vastly more expensive compared to less than a penny per liter with our Water Ionizer, which will also generate nearly limitless amounts of Alkaline Ionized Water. 

Alkaline Water Ionizers, such as our Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.5, also provide the benefit of less waste materials, effectively creating a smaller carbon footprint. Bottled water is expensive due to transportation costs, and materials. They also create more waste since they’re only used once then thrown away, making it a very short life-cycled product and wasteful. 

Is your drinking water healthy?
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What is Positive ORP and Negative ORP?

Liquids, such as Soda, Water, Green Tea, and Coffee, all have an ORP, which is the measure of oxidation reduction point.

Antioxidants have a Negative (-) ORP measurement, thus helping eliminate free radicals and help repair the body.

Quick Answer: ORP is the measure of Oxidation Reduction Potential of a substance.

Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) Scale

ORP Measures Antioxidants, and Antioxidants HELP YOU HEAL!

Green Tea has a -ORP of 120mV, meaning it is high in antioxidants.

Opposite of the -ORP is the positive ORP. This positive ORP creates excessive oxidation, and free radicals in your body. Most carbonated beverages, such as soda (acidic) have a positive ORP.

Interestingly, most bottled water will contribute to oxidation since it has a positive ORP.

Ionized water is recommended to be consumed immediately after it’s been produced, due to Negative ORP being highly reactive and dynamic. It will also return to it’s neutral or positive state over the course of a few days- demonstrated by it “going flat.”

When ionized water is sitting around for a few days, you’ll begin to see the “off gassing” effect on the water container, where bubbles start to collect on the container. Negative ORP will drop with the increase of apparent bubbles being “off gassed.”

Our Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0™ creates a -ORP of up to 800, a high antioxidant rich solution, depending on the water source. Consuming this water immediately after it’s produced by the water ionizer machine, will ensure that you’re receiving a substantially high oxidation reduction potential (ORP) water.

Our Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0™ creates a -ORP of 860, which is approaching the high end of the spectrum. This unit features the “Daily Drinking” setting, which will allow you to enjoy a -ORP of 300. Comparing that to a cup a green tea, water created from our Water Ionizer machine will ensure you’re receiving more than 3 times the antioxidants!

Alkaline Water Benefits

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Toxic substances find their way into our bodies, and Alkaline Water can help combat and counteract that by helping neutralize the acid in our bodies. In an Alkaline environment, your body can focus on healing and fighting back against those toxic substances.

Acidic water can help rehydrate skin and can act as an astringent to help prevent skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, and other skin problems. Acidic water is also great for cleaning glass, and other surfaces in your kitchen. Most plants and flowers also thrive with a lower pH water and actually prefer this environment over a higher pH water.

Antioxidants are created simultaneously while both high and low pH waters are being produced. Molecular hydrogen, antioxidants, and oxygen allow the body to recover and heal effectively and efficiently. Molecular hydrogen helps combat free radicals in the body and helps boost your immune system by working deep within the cell walls.

  • Reduce or Eliminate GERD (Acid Reflux Indigestion)
  • Improve sleep quality and sleeping patterns
  • Stay young and youthful with Antioxidants
  • Reduce Inflammation in the body, joints, and muscles
  • Remove free radicals from your body
  • Stimulate and Promote Weight Loss
  • Daily Detoxification of your body
  • Natural astringent so it can reduce wrinkles, acne, fine lines, eczema, rosacea, and help tighten skin
  • Improve reaction time and memory
  • Creates more flavorful food when cooking pasta, rice, and when brewing coffee and tea
  • Promotes hair growth and scalp rebuilding
  • Micro-clustering and antioxidants increase hydration levels in the body
  • Reduced soreness and cramping
  • Reduce body acidity overall
  • Donates electrons that allow your body to rebuild and recover
  • Decrease recovery times and increase athletic performance
  • Boost energy and metabolism levels
  • Eliminates that “full” water feeling
  • Helps with dry skin and irritation due to allergies
  • And so much more!



pH 13 or higher – Helps remove oil stains, grease, and blood. Use when cooking or heating water for a long time

pH 12 – Best for cooking or heating water for a long time. Lessen pesticide residue on food, as well as reducing bacteria.

pH 11 – HOT brewing tea and coffee, or making stews and soups as well as tenderizing meats, carpet cleaning and washing fruits and veggies.

pH 10 – Ice cubes, working out, hangover, and COLD brewing coffee and tea.

pH 9 – Everyday drinking water for those who have acclimated to alkaline water

pH 8 – When just starting out, you’ll need to get acclimated to the water for about 1-2 weeks. Pets love this water.


pH 7 – Use when making baby formula or taking any time-released medication


pH 6 – Perfect for Plants!

pH 5 – Great for washing your hair scalp and soaking your feet/hands. Also great for bug bites and sunburns.

pH 4 – Use as an astringent or toner for your body and face.

pH 3 – Excellent at cleaning glass surfaces, stainless steel, counter tops, and for mixing cleaning supplies with

pH 2 and lower – Sanitize and disinfects

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